February 12, 2021 – February 14, 2021

Winter Romp will be planned in accordance with the Governor’s recommendations and guidelines as of February 2021. We will be updating our plans accordingly… if those guidelines, or facts on the ground, significantly change. We will definitely keep you, our Winter Romp family informed of any modifications being implemented.

The Maine Winter Romp is an informal annual gathering of Land Rover owners and enthusiasts hosted by Bruce Fowler.

Set in and around Benton, Maine over Presidents’ Weekend, Maine Winter Romp provides a non-competitive opportunity to test your Rover driving skills in conditions that can be extreme.

The regional event, brain child of Rush Hambleton, Scott Herring and Bruce Fowler well over twenty years ago has grown into one of the more eclectic international winter gatherings of Land Rovers. With just about every Land Rover product produced over the past seventy years in attendance. The event is generally non-damaging (though of course accidents can happen) and is open to drivers of all skill levels. (Novices will find supportive coaches in our midst—just ask.)

There is no charge for the event itself, but the group is encouraged to meet, eat and shop at local establishments during the event.

Winter Romp is not affiliated with any Land Rover Club, but clubs are encouraged to participate.