February 15—18, 2019



Required Equipment

  • Winter Romp Attitude and temperance, particularly during the driving portions of the event.
  • An appropriate vehicle, registered, insured and properly maintained. If your rig is deemed inappropriate for any reason you will not be driving it on the trails. (Remember: "No Whining!") It should have a working CB and/or FRS radio, front and rear recovery points, and snow tires and/or tire chains. "All season" tires (as factory fitted on newer models) without chains are not adequate and in certain conditions you won't be able to drive the trails. Be sure your spare fits your truck and that you have a correctly sized lug nut wrench too. You'll want to fuel up before hitting the trails.
  • Warm clothes and blankets. It may be wet and or cold—very cold—so bring spare clothes and socks. Boots you can walk and drive in. Gloves that provide protection from the cold and also from recovery activities. Don't forget a hat.
  • Food and water in case we are detained on the trails.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Any medications or special provisions required for your comfort, safety and happiness.
  • If you're bringing children, be sure you can provide entertainment and appropriate supervision for them during trail delays.
  • Tow rope or strap, shackles, etc. If you have a winch, be sure its in working order and that you have your winching accessories.
  • A flat "snow" shovel. (Strong enough to serve as a jackplate?)
  • Tool kit and any spares you're likely to need. Please consider any special equipment on your vehicle when assembling your kit.
  • Heavy gauge jumper cables (long) and/or a "porta-start" battery pack.
  • A highlift style jack is not required, but is very nice to have.
  • The trails should be clear, but if you own and are comfortable using a chain saw, it may be of use.


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